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Multimedia graphic designer

Desierto en la oscuridad

I am a bilingual Graphic Designer, with a Master's degree in 3D Modeling and Animation, boasting over eight years of experience in the graphic design industry.

My career as a Graphic Designer has enabled me to explore various creative possibilities and unleash my imagination. I consider myself a passionate and committed professional, always striving to exceed expectations and create designs that captivate and inspire.

Collaboration stands as a cornerstone in my work approach, underlining my steadfast belief in the potency of idea and knowledge exchange. Each project serves as a platform for continuous learning, enriching my creative perspective, and applying my robust grounding in fundamental design principles. Leveraging typography, color theory, composition, and structure as pivotal components, I meticulously craft graphic pieces that leave a lasting impression. Infusing each creation with a touch of my dynamic and creative spirit ensures a distinctive and impactful outcome.



Fichas negras


I aim to breathe life into designs and animations that evoke a profound impact. Fueled by my passion for creativity, I am driven to push boundaries, elevating my creations to unparalleled levels of quality, leaving a lasting impression and evoking unforgettable emotions.

Laura Ivette García González - Lead Marketing Team | Wedoox

Nico's work is of great quality and production, you can see in his deliverables his effort and experience. As a collaborator he is responsible and has a positive attitude, in addition to integrating very well with the teams at Weddox.


+57 314 374 1551

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