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GRUPO BATTA is a company from Torreon Coahuila, Mexico that sells footwear, clothing, accessories and electronics with more than 50 years of experience in the market. With more than 400 branches throughout Mexico, Grupo Batta offers five commercial formats to its customers; B HERMANOS, ISHU, BMOVIL, OFERTAZO and CASHMOVIL.

Diseño social media mockup


consists of granting loans to people through the documentation of their car, no collateral, no bureau, and in less than 24 hours they get their loan. The design idea I developed for this project was to use the color palette of the brand (green and blue) playing with diagonal and opacity of color to get a corporate look, elegant, clean, and with movement.



The content generated was to attract and inform people about how they could get a quick and effective loan of money.

Diseño renueva tus muebles
Diseño posada navidad
Diseño emprender
Diseño seguro
Diseño mujer carro
Diseño no mas deudas

Video Editing & Motion Graphics 

My main job was to edit the recorded footage of different projects and generate advertising videos for digital formats such as film, TV, and social media. With my knowledge of 2D animation and motion graphics, I created effective and dynamic communication pieces for our target audience.


My most important video projects were the "Back to School" and "Fall/Winter" campaigns for the brand ISHU; where I created advertising videos for cinema and social networks, showing all the advertising and seasonal footwear. 


Social Media

ISHÜ is a modern footwear store aimed at a young and fashionable audience with big brands like ADIDAS, NIKE, VANS, and CONVERSE among others. I designed promotional digital content, value content, and engagement content, keeping a clean and modern graphic style, with bright colors and large fonts to express a COOL and FRESH style.

Diseño tenis Adidas
Diseño tenis Nike
Diseño modelo Adidas
Diseño social media mockup
Diseño flotante tenis Nike
Diseño modelo Nike naranja
Diseño tenis adidas negro
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